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Gorky's Granddaughter Video Interview

Check out my recent video interview with the artist documentary series, Gorky's Granddaughter.
 Video Interview

The Painted Desert, Part 1

visual evidence of painting referencing the rich history of California’s Light and Space movement while challenging the interpretation of a two-dimensional surface. Robert Otto Epstein explores the boundaries between the craft and conceptual aspect of image making, purposefully utitiliz- ing kitsch elements such as fashion catalogues and pattern/embroidery to create his perceptual imagery which delivers both pop and obsessive delicacy. Francisco Esnayra utilizes his masterful classical technique to create multi-media sculptures that reference contemporary struggles with identity, idealism, and our relationship to coping mechanisms. Theresa Hackett combines a mealstrom of media that is both playful and sophisticated, dealing with formal conerns of composition and expectation of form. Jill Levine reappropriates pre-Columbian iconography into a pop-cubist vocabulary in which centu- ries-old imagery is remixed into a contemporary sculptural form with it’s historical context stretched over it like a skin. Ali Miller constructs fantastical, non-linear narratives with a powerful knowlege of form and space, addresssing themes of expectation using extreme and surreal scenarios. Colin Thomson draws from a variety of sources concerned with the idea of pattern including architectural plans, Islamic tiles, and African textiles, to create his own language of abstraction that is both graphic and painterly. Lindsay Walt explores the inherent viscosity of paint, utilizing broad washes and the most delicate of brush techniques and control of edge quality to weave together her elaborate imagery.

Please join us for the opening reception Thursday, October 5th from 6-9. Refreshments will be served. For any additional information about the exhibition or HIGH NOON’s programming, please contact Jared Linge at or call 760.519.1956.